Creating the perfect dating profile

There are 3 things a profile should do; present you in the best possible way, be interesting and make you stand out. So, how do you do it?

First things first…As much as we don’t like to believe it, when there are so many profiles to explore and people to meet we do tend to judge a book by its cover. So it’s very important you get the profile picture right - follow our quick tips for an attention grabbing pic!

Smile! You want to come across as happy, positive and someone who's fun to be with. As attractive as your Keira Knightlyesque pouting selfie may be, a smile is much more approachable.

Go Solo It’s a good idea to have a few pictures in your gallery of you with your friends, but for that profile picture make sure it’s just you. No one wants to play Where’s Wally in the world of online dating.

What do you love? Profiles pictures aren’t just a way of showing what you look like, they can also be a great way to show another side of your personality. Love walking? Pose for your photo on a scenic country stroll. Love to ski? Get your best holiday snaps out. Everyone looks beautiful when they look happy, so use an action shot – show off your personality.

Absolutely no web-cam shots! It is the easiest option, but it is also incredibly boring and unimaginative, and the lighting is always terrible. If online daters can see that you’ve put effort in to your photo, they will be much more inclined to find out more.
The Gallery
Your perfect profile pic has got their attention so now you need a great gallery to back it up. This is where you can be a bit more creative and use pictures that best express who you are!
A Little Bit About Me
Imagine your ‘Personal Profile’ summary as the blurb of a book. You’re right next to thousands of other books and you’ve just got this one chance to attract someone’s attention. Keep it fairly short (around 200 words) and remember to...
Be Positive
A good profile is effectively just good marketing. You want to highlight your best features and present the traits that you find most appealing and interesting in yourself. Ask your friends to write a description of you and use some of their words, they’ll see only the best in you and that’s what you want a potential date to see too.
Be Specific
So many profiles read, ‘I love travelling…’ok, that’s great but so does just about everyone else. Talk about what you love about travelling, where’s been your favourite place so far, where would you like to visit in the future? Insights like this not only make you sound super interesting, but they provide a conversation starter for that first message.
Keep It Light-hearted
Meeting new people is always a little bit daunting, so don’t scare people off by jumping straight into a description of your 5 year plan. Detailed info about your past, goals and ambitions are things that you discover when you start dating – that sort of insight isn’t for your dating profile.
Interesting Insights

Wired magazine pulled together massive amounts of data from dating websites and came across some surprising facts…
“Yoga and surfing are the most popular activities for men and women alike"
“The single most attractive band you could mention is Radiohead”
For the full article, click here >>
We hope these tips have helped. Once you're ready, head on over to Magic Dating and get started on your profile!
Happy Dating! X


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