If the time has come to introduce your kids to your date, then check out our top 5 family-friendly day’s out that you can all enjoy. The perfect venues for impressing the kids and your date!

Cook or pack a picnic
Depending on the weather bring the date to them by cooking or by packing a picnic. It’s romantic and you’ll take the stress away from them preparing a meal or having to arrange childcare. Why not find out what their child likes to eat too and even get their child involved in the kitchen, or in some fun activities outdoors such as Frisbee or Football?

Go to the zoo
Everyone loves a trip to the zoo! You and your date can stroll hand in hand whilst entertainment for the little ones goes without saying - just be sure to keep a close eye on them around the lion enclosure! There’s always the gift shop on your way out – a sure way to the good books!

From land to sea - take them to an aquarium
Just like the zoo, a trip to an aquarium is a win win situation. This is another great opportunity to stroll hand in hand, while noise and excitement is encouraged for the little ones.  Don’t forget to brush up on your fish facts before you go though - you’ll need to know who Dory, Nemo and Bruce are.

The Seaside
The sea side is a family classic going back generations and why would it not be… Arcades, funfairs, donuts, donkeys with original names and sticks of rock – a bit of nostalgia does wonders for romance. Get your shoes and socks off and go paddling with the little ones for added points. Don’t forget your bucket and spade!

Go bowling
Whilst the shoes aren’t the most flattering, bowling alleys are great for children. Purpose built barriers and ramps allow children to get involved and have a bit of friendly competition. You may want to take the sides down before your go though!
Good luck using our Top 5!

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