Tips to staying safe online

One of the many benefits of dating online through a professional dating site such as Magic Dating is that you can build up trust before you decide to meet your date, and you don’t have to disclose personal contact details until you’re ready. 
Bear in mind that most free dating services don't offer the security of online moderation or a close to hand customer care team...

Check out our handy tips to keep in mind when dating online and offline…

Chatting Online

Trust Your Instincts

Our instincts are most of the time, spot-on. So if you’re chatting to someone online and a little voice is telling you ‘this doesn’t feel right,’ then don’t ignore it. Politely disengage from the conversation and move on.

Be Honest

When creating your profile be honest about who you are and what you’re looking for. So your favourite photo of yourself 10 years ago might not be the best choice to use as your profile pic... Not only are you then more likely to meet your perfect match, but when you do go for that first date, there will be no unwelcome surprises for either of you.

Stay in Control

The great thing about online dating is that you have complete control over how fast the relationship is moving and can take things at your own pace. So make sure that you totally trust who you’re talking to before you give them any personal contact information.

Avoid Talk of Finances

There is no reason why you should ever disclose financial information to someone you’re chatting to online. If someone asks you for your bank details or if they can borrow money, they may be a scammer so we'd strongly recommend that you stop all communications and report the person to our customer care teams. We can't stress this point enough.

Meeting in Person

Meet in a Public Place

Even if you’ve been chatting for a while, it’s still a wise idea to meet in a public place – within view and hearing distance of other people. And don’t forget to let a trusted friend know where you’re going and who you’re meeting.


Don’t rely on your date for transport or give them your home address. Make sure that your phone has a full battery and you have minutes incase you need to call a taxi or friend.

Drink Responsibly
We understand a small tipple helps to calm first date nerves, but you also need to remember how alcohol can affect decision making. With this in mind we advise daters to stay in control and drink alcohol responsibility.

Serious stuff over - Stay safe and have fun meeting new people because your next date could be your future husband/wife. Who knows?


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