Active Date Ideas

The perfect date doesn’t have to just be dinner, drinks or a movie. Here at Magic Dating, we believe a little friendly competition is the best way to get to know someone new or just have fun with someone you love already! So, check out our list of active date ideas and get out there… keep your heart happy and healthy!
Bowl them over
Whether it’s crown green or ten-pin, bowling is a great way to relax and break down those barriers with your date, whilst keeping you active. Challenge them to a game and hone in on your competitive side, but make sure you’re encouraging and supportive as well.

Putt a smile on your face
Mini golf is great! There are themed courses all over the country and it’s extremely easy to pick up, even for the novice golfer. A round of miniature golf gives you plenty of time to discover more about each other and you’re guaranteed a giggle!

Get on your bike
A bike ride is a great no-frills way to get outdoors and explore new environments with your date, whilst giving you the freedom to be alone. Plan a romantic day out in the countryside and find a quaint canal-side pub where you can stop and refuel. If you read our Top Autumn Dates blog, you’ll know this is the perfect time to get out on your bike!
Show them your moves
Dancing is a great way to let loose, stay fit and have bucket loads of fun! Whether it’s salsa, ballroom, modern or tap, get down to your local dance class and get your groove on…

Take a walk on the wild side
A relaxing stroll in the great British outdoors is possibly the simplest (and cheapest) active date you can go on. Ambling, hand-in-hand alongside the river or taking in the architectural delights of the city, a walk is the perfect way to spend quality time together as a couple. If you were feeling particularly adventurous, why not both sign up to a local charity 5k run? Raise money, stay fit and find love doing something memorable – you don’t have to run the whole way!
Cause a racket on the courts
Tennis, squash and badminton are perfect sports for couples looking to get closer and stay active. The local sports centre or tennis court might not be the most romantic of date venues, but you’ll certainly get your heart racing after a few games!

Roller boogie
Strap your skates on and roll down to the nearest rink for a real cardio work out! Skating is one of the best activities for breaking the ice (as long as you’re not on it) and makes a fantastic day out. This time of year is perfect for wrapping up and heading to an outdoor rink, followed by a hot chocolate or mulled wine… yum!


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