Top Dates to try this Autumn

Fall in love this autumn - don your woollen hats, oversized fluffy jumpers and boots ready to step out into the season every hopeless romantic can’t fail to love. There couldn’t be a better season to stroll hand in hand whilst kicking up leaves and warming not just our hands but our hearts with mugs of hot chocolate. Take a peek at our top autumn date inspiration….
Let’s go ride a bike
Peddle the day away with a bike ride - it doesn’t cost a penny and can be very romantic as the leaves turn to shades of gold and red. The roads give way too to quieter trails too, whilst the cooler weather is the perfect excuse for a regular cuddle stop!

Pack a picnic basket
Make it all the more special by cooking up a few homemade seasonal treats like Pumpkin Pie Fudge and Pumpkin Chilli. Don’t forget to pack a blanket big enough for two!

Go exploring?
You don’t have to go far and you don’t need much – just your boots and your gloves. The scenery is beautiful in autumn and places you strolled through in summer will look completely different this time of year – why not re-visit somewhere you enjoyed just months ago and reminisce? Complete your date with a hot chocolate to warm your hands, and your heart!

Free culture
This wonderful country of ours has some of the most amazing museums and art galleries - most of which are free to the public. So why not show your cultural, deeper and artistic side and pay them a visit? Spend the day looking around these spaces and talking about what you find.


Why not visit Cambridge for something new like punting – it’s sure to be cheaper than Venice but with no less romance. Let yourself and your date be carried away down the River Cam, then you can head into town down quaint cobbled streets – just don’t fall overboard like Hugh Grant AKA Daniel Cleaver in Bridget Jones.

Visit a brewery
Like Patrick Swayze and baby, Harry and Sally, Rose and Jack, Beer and fall just seem to go together. Seek out a local brewery to sample some different types of beer – you’ll be able to find all the information you need on the internet. This is great opportunity to try some new flavours and tours are usually free. They’ll probably be a chance to buy some too should you want to continue your tasting session at home later.

Drive in
Ahhh! Those drive-in movies that only existed in films are back and are becoming more popular - check the internet to find out where and when the next drive-in movie is showing near you. Don’t forget to bring snacks and faux fizz – oh and a blanket so you can get cosy!

Stay home
Invite your date around to your place and cook up something nice together like pumpkin soup or wicked autumn apple sangria – sounds delicious! Light a fire to set the scene or just turn the heating up a notch and enjoy some home comforts.

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