A guide to dating first kisses

So, the date went really well, the chemistry was there and the sparks were flying! Could this be the ‘goodnight’ kiss time?...

Here's a handy guide to help you let your date know you’re interested…

1.   Maintain eye contact. Looking elsewhere or past your date is a telltale sign you’re ready to call it a night.

2. Don't go in for a hug – this may be too friend-like and could undermine their plans to lean in. Instead, keep talking and wait for them to make a bolder move.

3.  Try "I had fun" or “I’m really glad we did this” instead of 'good night' which signals the end and no chance of a kiss.

4. If they still haven't made a move, initiate a kiss yourself - on their cheek. Linger for a minute as you make eye contact on your way back. They should take it from there...
If you and your date aren’t attracted to each other and have absolutely nothing in common, the chances are they feel the same and isn’t in this for a farewell smooch either. Be polite and think of the date as a learning experience.

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