Is your phone causing problems for your love life… research suggests it is!

It’s happened to us all, when the person you're talking to whips out his or her phone, showing disinterest in the conversation.

So in a time when everything and everyone is more connected than ever, a question needs to be answered: Is it OK to check your phone on a date? 

A recent survey, which questioned daters on what they thought revealed a unanimous 75% of women consider it a ‘deal breaker’, and would go as far to turn down the invitation on a second date at a result. 

Having a date spend more time on Facebook or Candy Crush than striking up a conversation or looking lovingly into your eyes is bound to cause problems – we understand completely. 

The evidence…
The study went on to reveal that on a first date a considerable 37.1% of daters check their phone if their date has left the room. Combine this with those who say you should never check your phone on a first date (27.2%) and those who say only in emergencies (23.4%)
This adds up to a majority 50.6% - in comparison to only 12.3% who said it was cool to check their phone anytime.

The result…
If you’re not getting to know someone how do you know if you want to see them again and if they like the same things as you do?

Picture you’re out with someone you really like and every time they get a text, they look at their phone- would you think they’re interested or that they’d rather be somewhere else? You could be giving the impression to your date that your priorities are somewhere else.
Put your phone away to ensure you make a good first impression and who know the best of what happens online i.e. meeting the person across from you may lead to amazing things off line. 

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