Tips on dating shy guys

So you've found yourself exchanging a few messages on Magic Dating, you've instigated a some cheeky texts, the odd call - where you flirted to absolute perfection of course! But... he's so shy you have no idea if the feeling is mutual and WHEN, or IF he'll pluck up the courage to ask you out on a date.

Here are our tips on dating shy men;

Tip 1. Don't give up! 

Firstly and foremost, be patient. Remember nice guys are worth the initial investment of your time it takes to coax them out of their shells.

Tip 2. Take it slow and act like friends

Shy people aren't normally that shy around their friends, but can be intimidated by confident women. It's a bit like Rajesh from the hit TV show "The Big Bang Theory" when he tries to talk to Penny; only alcohol breaks the spell! And no, we don't recommend getting the poor guy steaming drunk!

Instead take things slowly, act like a friend; fun not intense. Still make an effort and look amazing around him whilst subtly flirting and voila, before you know it he'll be confident enough to move in for a kiss.

Tip 3. Tell me a little about yourself

When you're chatting to Mr Shy, be careful not to ask him intrusive or controversial questions too soon in the dating journey. Focus on getting him to open up by talking about how his day was, what he did on the weekend, favourite hobbies, books and movies. These may seem like trivial things but they can lead to a real connection.

Talk about yourself too... just don't go straight into the tale of your life so soon as the first date... even if it is epic!

Tip 4. Good vibes?

Read his body language, being sure to make allowances for the shyness factor of course and try to gage if he's into you.

If he looks bored I'm afraid to say it's time to move on; he's probably just too polite or shy to say. If he keeps eye contact and is smiling on the other hand you're all set!

Tip 5. Take the lead

After all it's 2015 not 1955... women should be able take the bull by the horns and ask men out on dates. It's quite liberating to take control of the situation.

Why not offer to arrange the next few dates? Focus on activities like the cinema, theatre and concerts, these are the perfect choice as they're less intense and intimate than a dinner for two. Save those romantic candle lit dinners for a few months time when you know each other better and can relax in each others company.


Good things come to those who wait.... the extra time it takes to coax him out of his shell is more than worth it if you live happily ever after, right?

Ladies, stop waiting around for men to ask you out and take control - log into Magic Dating and confidently ask those cute shy guys out right NOW.

Good luck! x


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