Filtering based on location

We advocate not restricting your search criteria too much because a lot of us fall into the trap of pigeon holing people into categories, depending on their interests, age and height which can affect your chances of meeting Mr / Mrs Perfect.

Some people have a check-list of must-have qualities longer than a lot of novels you find at Waterstones! Things like:

- 'they must be at least 6ft tall'
- 'they must have no children'
- 'they mustn't be a sandals and sock wearer'
- 'they have to have perfect teeth, live within 15 miles....have a car no older than 5 years old, not live with their parents.....the list goes on....!

It is however understandable that basic things like location can be a practical factor for some people.

So when ie. Jeff/Sarah keep popping up in Magic Dating dashboard, no matter how attractive they are, unfortunately the fact that they live in Glasgow and you live in London is unfortunately a deal breaker... that distance is too much to be worth the effort and cost it takes to get a long distance relationship to work. Sad but true for most of us.

To help you search for singles closer to where you live, don't forget to use the filtering options. Look for banners like this to help:

We've done the hard work for you and gathering up all the lovely singles around ie. London who we think match your criteria based on what you've told us previously. So no more Mr/Mrs Wales, Scotland & Ireland there to distract you if you've set your post code to London.

Keep your eye out for banners like these and refine your search to meet amazing singles in London and further afield on Magic


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