Tips on what NOT to include when writing your dating profile

Your online dating profile is the perfect opportunity to showcase your very best bits.

So what should you write? There’s lots of advice especially on the internet about – things like be truthful about who you are, a smiling photograph, long walks in the country etc. but these tips, as helpful as they are can lead to very similar sounding profiles and the point is to stand out!

We’ve taken a different approach…

Here are our Top Tips on what NOT to include - the rest is up to you
1. Too much too soon

Don’t scare people off by jumping straight into a description of your 5 year plan, ambitions in life or any information about your past relationships – that sort of insight isn’t for your dating profile. A snippet about your hobbies and interests  here & there is plenty.

2. Extreme opinions & pet hates

Whether it’s your political or religious views or something silly like how much you hate people who eat with their mouth open... it's best to leave out your pet hates in order to give a more approachable and friendly view of your personality. Be positive.

3. Money

No one likes a show off or someone demanding that their date must earn a minimum of £50,000 a year, live in a mansion and drive a Bentley. Avoid writing about material things - if this is something that's important to you try to be subtle about it!

4. Safety first 

Online dating can be safer than the more traditional means of dating; but we recommend never including details of where you live or work on your profile and only sharing your contact details when you're completely comfortable. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. 

5. Too picky

There's nothing wrong with knowing what you're looking for, it's fine to let people know your interests, likes and dislikes but avoid the finer detail. Don't detail exactly what your perfect date should look like, and how your date would go by the hour. Where's the fun in all that planning?

6. Pets 

It's adorable that Fido the Dog and Monty the Cat are like an extension of your family but beware. A recent survey revealed 27% of women find photos of pets in an online dating profile a turn-off and excessive demands of being an 'animal lover' can put up to 43% of people off getting in touch.

A brief mention is fine but perhaps save the pet names for dinner.

7. Clichés

   “I love to travel.”

    “I’m laid back, easy-going, and love to have a good time.”

    “I’m looking for someone honest, caring and kind.”

    “I don’t really know what to write on one of these things.”

    “My family is really important to me.”

If you read a handful of dating profiles you'll quickly see just how many people use classic cliques and have fallen into the trap of writing what they think people want to read - turns out it's not very interesting to potential matches after all.

Describe your likes & dislikes in a different way by expanding more based on your experience i.e..  'I love to travel' sounds better as... 'I recently bought an authentic tagine so I could try and recreate all the amazing food I enjoyed when travelling through the Moroccan desert' 

TIP: Ask a friend to read your profile when you’re finished and give their advice.


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