Budding romance: to bring flowers or not to?

Dating is a minefield, all be it an exciting one filled with possibility, but a minefield none the less. There are few things in life that are more uncertain than a first date. What to wear? Where to go? To bring flowers or not to? It’s difficult to know. 

With the Chelsea Flower show in full bloom this week, we’re taking a look at the relationship between love and flowers. 
In the beginning…

It’s a tradition that has lost favour in recent years, but we still adore the nostalgia, maybe more so now because it’s not as popular.

Presenting flowers on a date goes back to the 1700s when Charles II of Sweden returned from a trip to Persia with “the language of flowers” - something we still use today. 

He said different flowers should be used to communicate different sentiments of meanings and explained how you could have a whole conversation with only a bouquet!

Modern day

Unfortunately these days, if a man shows up at your door with a dozen red roses he’s likely to come across as a little too keen…

But trust us when we say the act of giving a bouquet of flowers is still extremely gratifying and the elation your date will feel when presented with a bunch of flowers is simply priceless.

Save our blushes…

Let’s save this beautiful tradition – instead of turning up all eager to your first date, why not try a single red rose? A single rose is less of a big gesture but a perfect way to break the ice. Or if you’re not quite ready wait until after your date. Then when a date has gone well and the conversation has flowed freely; send flowers the following day with a note to arrange that crucial second date.

If not a rose then which flower…

The Sunflower, also known as Helianthus symbolises pure thoughts


The Hydrangea symbolises heartfelt emotion.


The Ranunculus flower is given as a symbol of Radiance

The Rose

The traditional Rose signifies enduring passion; white, humility and innocence

To celebrate the 102nd year of the Chelsea Flower Show taking place from today until Saturday at the Royal Hospital in London. 


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