Can the colour clothes you wear help to secure that first date kiss?

Turns out, they can...! 

A recent study has discovered which colour clothing is most likely to catch the eye of both men and women when dating, and just how significant clothing colour can be.

They asked a total of 2360 adults all in relationships if they still remembered the outfit that their partner was wearing when they first met – 92% of respondents did!

Then these individuals were asked what colour it was that stood out the most for them at the time…

Best colour to wear on a first date…  


1. Red  - 27%
2. Blue - 19%

3. Green - 14%
4. Black - 11%
5. Purple - 8% 


1. Grey - 24%
2. Black - 22%
3. Blue - 16%
4. Green - 8%
5. White - 7%

When asked if the colour had any impact on how much they were attracted to them, 69% of men and 64% of women admitted that it did.

So to summarise men are most likely to form relationships with women who wear red on a first date, while colours to avoid are yellow and brown. Even when women are viewed carrying red objects (i.e.laptop or hand bag), they are found more attractive than when holding comparable objects in different colours.

G.Charles who conducted the survey said: “It is human nature to assess someone quickly. Fashion sense and clothing colour choice is one of the first things the brain will notice."

All that’s left to do is put this to the test, start by finding a date with Magic Dating today!


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