What tennis can teach us about relationships…

As of next week, Wimbledon fever will begin to grip the nation; here at Magic Dating we had a think about what we can learn from tennis and how it can help our love lives. Well, as it turns out, there’s quite a lot…

The right shot
US writer, David Foster Wallace, described tennis as “chess on the run” which tells you everything you need to know about this fast-paced and tactical game. When do you hold back? When do you go for it? We all ask ourselves these questions, especially when it comes to romance. Playing the right shot at the right time is just like making the right decision at the right time, be it asking someone on a first date or making it exclusive; it’s all about judgement. 

Don’t give up easily
Top tennis players never give up. They fight for every last game, every ray of hope in every single point. Many of us are too quick to announce doom and gloom in a relationship because we don’t want to work through a bad patch. If you truly care for what you have, you won’t give up easily. Sometimes, a bit of thinking time can make the world of difference. When a tennis player is facing elimination, they make the most of breaks between sets to focus again and come back stronger.

Remain calm
If things take a turn for the worst in your relationship – remain calm! Keeping your head and your heart in control and not letting the situation overwhelm you will help you see things clearly. Sometimes it can be difficult to see a situation away from the emotion, but staying calm will help you not make any rash decisions. If a top tennis player loses an important point or game, even if they show a brief flash of emotion, they’ll quickly refocus. Dwelling on the negatives is a sure-fire way of doing something you’ll regret!

Keep at it
You’re in complete control of the match. You’re up by a tonne of points. You’re bound to win; you’re the favourite. It’s time to relax… Wrong! The moment you let up, the opponent will begin to claw their way back into the match. It’s the same for our love lives. The moment we stop putting our heart into our relationships or start taking the other person for granted, cracks start to form. It's the same when you're single: if you start to think you’ll never find love, you may miss someone who could change your life forever. Keep your head up and keep at it! 


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