Social media complicates dating, here is how to avoid it...

When it comes to dating, social media often adds an extra layer of complication that never existed 20 years ago.

Read our tips on how to avoid the most common mistakes…

Your Social Media Personality

Everybody has a relationship with social media but have you stopped to consider your media personality?
  • Do you share your deepest darkest thoughts? 
  • Do you post even when you've done nothing exciting all day? 
  • Or do you come across as happy, positive and someone who's always on holiday and doing exciting fun activities?
Whatever your online personality ask yourself is it a true reflection of you? Go on, be honest and bear this in mind when you see your dates profile for the first time too. So often, our social media accounts aren’t a true reflection of who we are.

Too Much Too Soon

Part of the excitement of dating is telling someone all about yourself and hearing all about them. Every new fact or story is fresh and exciting, but if you find out things from their Facebook you'll have missed out on hearing where they've been first hand.

Don't internet stalk 

Try not to stalk them online full stop - checking out your dates Facebook profile, looking for mutual friends, looking at photos and getting to know their personality from their timeline. We’ve all been guilty at some point, but it does complicate things there after...

New friends... & ex's

If you notice they have a lot of 'new friends' don't be surprised or hurt if you’re not exclusive yet. If you're sensitive to this kind of revelation, it’s really best not to look on social media – you could end up getting the wrong idea and that could ruin something potentially great! Those tagged photo's, happy holiday snaps with a beautiful ex and flirty messages are only going to upset you...

We'd advise that you ignore your dates social media profile for a while... but it is truly up to you of course.

Whatever you decide start with Magic dating, where experiences are more fun when shared.


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