First impressions count after all...

The saying ‘first impressions count’ is never more true than on a first date. 

According to a recent study, it takes women just 7 seconds to make up their mind about a person – and many of us don’t even realise we’re doing it! So how do you ensure the first 7 seconds are the best they can be? Here’s your go to guide on how to impress a girl guys… 

Relax - it’s only a date
Unless you are a serial dater with women lined up like job interviews - a date should be an enjoyable thing - something that you’ve been looking forward to.
Being positive is something your date will pick up on, arriving glum or overly nervous you are, arrive with a big smile and she’ll file you under positive and upbeat. 

Time keeping
Now that you have a spring in your step and a big smile of your face, it’s time to remember the second rule of thumb for successful first impression - time keeping. Trains are running late? If you really are going to be late then let her know straight away.

Scrub up
So now we have you positive and on time, now to look your best. We’re not saying a suit but a clean shirt and shoes won’t go unnoticed.  

Once you are there, well dressed and on time - and with about 4 seconds left, now is the time to seal the deal. 

Be direct
By which we mean, make eye contact, great her warmly, and lean in for a cheek kiss. Taking the lead with contact, when you first meet, gives the impression of confidence. She is likely to be nervous too, so don’t worry. 

Do your research
And lastly do your research. The last thing any girl wants when she’s on a date is to spend the first twenty minutes deciding where to go… if you know the area and nothing specific has been planned, then maybe make a suggestion or go get a coffee so you can decide under less pressure. 

So there you have it - now let’s get out there - meet someone today at Magic Dating. 


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