Ever wondered how your relationships compare to others?

When should you... hold hands? Stay over? Take a trip?

A recent study have revealed a timeline of a ‘typical’ relationship – it says that the six month mark is often seen as make or break time in a relationship - why? Because this is when three key relationship milestones take place: the revealing of one’s imperfections i.e. smoking (173 days), the first argument (170 days) and when most parental introductions take place (24%).

The survey looked at over 2,000 men and women to map out the average dating journey, from first meeting to having children - as well as uncovering the secret of the six month rule along the way. 

Over a quarter (27%) of us wait between 1 and 2 weeks to sleep with their partner whilst 23% wait one month. However 60% would introduce their partner to their best friend within a month. Cheeky!
‘I love you’ happens on average at five months of dating (144 days), with us loved up lot also seeing this as the perfect time to embark on a more modern dating milestone: updating their social media relationship status (157 days).

So what if your relationship isn’t falling within these time frames?

Don’t worry at all. Each relationship moves at its own pace and everyone Is different if no on the surface then underneath. It’s just nice sometimes to have a little reassurance by comparing our experiences with others. We all ask our friends, ‘When did you know your partner was The One?’ or, ‘How long did you wait before you kissed?’ – it’s natural.

Our advice - do it your way, everyone and every relationship is unique. 

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